Our Inspiration

It is an era of Hi-tech science and technology and we are in the 21st century. However, apart from our cities, these changes have not come about to the rural and backward areas.

            Our founder, Late Shri  Manoharbhai Patel though deprived of even primary education, endeavored through his life time to bring education to the masses.

It was the result of his honest and sincere efforts that the institution M. B Patel College, Salekasa, could see the light of the day in 1994. Since its establishment the college has been working for the welfare of the students of this rural area.

All the facilities provided are constantly updated and upgraded. Moreover, there are several sports and extra-curricular, activities are conducted in the college.

We don’t just intend to produce brilliant professionals, but also individuals with confident and all-round personality.

Hon’ble Praful Patel